The Design Code® Process

A note from the author: This page exists for weekly posts of random inspiration and flights of fancy. There may be guests.

Both order and interest (better yet--intrigue) play their parts in visual expression.  As I poke around in imagination, I often break the "rules," but  my eye still remains on the influence that order plays. It may be 50/50, 20/80, 10/90, but it's there.


    This is an illustration developed from a digital doodle. I was listening to audio books at the time, and wanted to do a horse and rider, so just plunged in with that thought in mind. The next step was to carefully refine my crude impression--by bringing a sense of order and detail to the shapes--and voila--a finished "Gear Cowboy." This is digital art, but the word "plunge" applies to all  creative efforts.

Artwork and text © Solvang-Angell 2021

The Design Code's definition for design:

"Design is the logical selection and arrangement of visual elements for order and interest." (How much order to impose and how much interest to include, is up to you.)