The Design CodeĀ® Process




In addition, there is a case study that applies The Design Code to advertising for an imaginary B&B, high on an ocean cliff.

Above: examples of one of the eight compositional devices underlying The Design Code. This one is referred to as Frame. Frame is about enclosures that surround and protect or capture and cage--your choice of subject and situation.

The compositional devices are like an artist's bag of visual magic. They are eight different ways you can tell a visual story.  

Devoting one book to an apple theme and the other to an ocean theme provides you with two different ways to compare The Design Code in use. The second book contains exercises for all parts of the Code--to give you an idepth understanding of endless possibilities.

Tossing Around Ideas is an indepth review of the basic design principles covered in Learning First in Black and White, but this time we plunge into  color and use an ocean theme.  You'll find that the same design principles can be applied to photography, as well as to drawing and painting.


Tossing Around Ideas


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