The Design CodeĀ® Process

Throughout the first book, an apple is used to explain basic design principles. Concepts are first demonstrated geometrically, then realistically.

When illustrations are limited to one subject, such as an apple, the creative principle of "variation on a theme" kicks in. Each concept becomes a small visual problem on which to stretch your creative muscle. (You are welcome to pick your own subject as you follow each example.)

There is also a unique section on how to portray movement and change. This section is especially for those who enjoy comics or graphic novels.

To the right is an example of five visual moves called the basic removals. They will help you to manage negative and positive space, as foregrounds interplay with backgounds.

Also introduced in this book: The Eight Compositional Devices, which form the backbone of The Design CodeĀ® Process.

In addition, there is a review of other design books that will help you grow as an artist.




Learning First in Black and White

5 visual moves

(called the five basic removals)

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