The Design CodeĀ® Process

Tossing Around Ideas

The Design Code Process teaches:

How to constantly expect an easy flow of ideas

How to bend and modify those ideas

How to create visual stories--it gives you the building blocks

How to mine ideas for all they are worth

second edition, revised, coming soon

second edition, revised-- just released

Who would find The Design Code Process interesting?

Those who know a little about design and those who know a lot about design. If you are new to design and what's behind composing (building) pictures, this will open a new way of thinking for you. If you are a seasoned designer, it will be a welcome review of basic design principles, and provide you with new ways to logically explore visual ideas.

Learning First in Black and White

A rich idea-generating system, developed by Northwest artist and educator, Fred Griffin, and demonstrated by Diane Solvang-Angell, author, designer, and illustrator.

Order Learning First in Black and White, second edition, at: ($20.00)